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All pictures newer than 2004 were taken with a Canon PowerShot A70. Before that, photos were taken with an Olympus D460Z, which takes decent photos. Everything else was taken with a cheap ass Kodak DC25, which didn't take the greatest live action shots (big surprise) so some of these are a bit blurry.  Whatever.

Since I'm lazy, I usually stick up the entire set of photos from my camera, and don't crop them or weed out the crappy ones. Deal with it.

Also, these graphics are compressed for the web, so if you have a good reason for wanting to print these out you should e-mail me and I might send you an uncompressed copy via e-mail.

On with the gallery:

The Big Bang Festival - October 8th through the 16th, Santa Cruz

The Big Bang festival in Santa Cruz features 3 or 4 bands each night for 10 or so days. I didn't get to all the shows, but I probably went to more than you did. The following is a slideshow of the shows I did make it to. Bands in this slideshow are Atomic Bomb Audition, Dead Ghost, Depth Charge Revolt, El Sonido, Happy Meal, Residual Echoes, Spitzer, The Dying Californian, The Formaldebrides, The Gales, The Sealants, The Terrible, and Vancougar. On with the show!

If you don't wanna see the slideshow and would rather just click on filenames, the see this directory listing.

The Sealants, Thugboat - May 25th, 2005 at The Blue Lagoon, Santa Cruz

The Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz has started having bands play. Let's hope it continues. They've got a good size room, a decent sound system (for the audience -- the stage sound sucks) and they pay the bands 100% of the door. Anyway, enjoy some pix of The Sealants and Thugboat.

5 years after the fact, I found the disk that had the Schlong and PTL photos on it from 1/9/2000 at Gilman Street

And here they are for your viewing pleasure.

The Huxtables, The Sealants - May 6th, 2005 at Caffe Pergolesi, Santa Cruz

The Sealants played first and we were plagued by broken strings and out of tune guitars for the first half of the set. Oh well, shit happens. View some blurry shots here. Next up were The Huxtables. These guys have been around SC for a long time, but this was my first chance at seeing them. Fun pop-punk, nice guys, but, ummmm... they're kinda geeky (in a good way). See their photos.

Onion-Flavored Rings, Abi Yo Yo's, Gift of Goats, Bent Outta Shape, All You Can Eat, Eskapo - January 21st, 2005 at Gilman Street

I'm in a rush right now, so I'm not going to do my usual lame review -- all you get is photos. I didn't get photos of Onion-Flavored Rings because they played in the store area and it was too crowded to get good shots. And I didn't get shots of Abi Yo Yo's because I got stuck in traffic on the way from Santa Cruz and got to Gilman late, though I did catch a couple of songs. Anyway, the photos are on seperate pages, so look at Gift of Goats, Bent Outta Shape, All You Can Eat, and Eskapo. Enjoy!

Good Neighbor Policy, The Sealants, and The Singularity - December 11th, 2004 at Caffe Pergolesi, Santa Cruz

This was The Sealants second show, and it went pretty well. First up were Good Neighbor Policy. Their photos are here. Next up was the band I'm bassist for, The Sealants. I have a few photos of us here. And finally were The Singularity. Unfortunately, my girlfriend bailed with my camera, so I didn't get any photos of these guys.

JC Overdrive - June 2, 2003 at a party in Boise, ID

I was in Boise on vacation and got a chance to see the debut of JC Overdrive. These guys are from the Septic Death / Moss / Haggis / Gordie Howe Trio Unit family tree of Boise punk. As GrindmasterFlash put it over on the Angry Potato Punk Page, "...made me think of a mix of early 80s hardcore punk and early 80s rock and roll...bad brains meets cheap trick or minor threat with a slight gins and roses vocal influence...the higher half-sung vocal thing.", though I don't know that I agree with the GnR statement. Anyway, Check out the pix!

Fleshies, Sharp Knife, RockNRoll Adventure Kids, Panty Raid, Jewdriver - March 15, 2003 at Gilman Street

I went to this show primarily to see Jewdriver, but every band that I saw rocked pretty damn hard. I missed seeing Panty Raid and RockNRoll Adventure Kids because I was hob nobbin with people at the brewery across the street. I took a ton of photos, so each band has their own gallery. First, check out the power that is Jewdriver and pay attention to the bacon and the flying bagels. The Sharp Knife photos came out okay, but not as good as I'd wished. I'm especially happy with some of the Fleshies pix, because I was in the pit snapping photos and I think I got some good ones. Anyway, check 'em out.

DEVO - October 25, 2002 at Civic Center, San Francisco

This was a free show as part of Nissan's Z-car tour. Only announced about 24 hours ahead of time, I found out about it a little early from Sam Atakra ( and so I headed up for the show. They were pretty damn good. No complaints about their playing -- they were tight and mostly played early stuff, such as Gates of Steel, Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA, Mongoloid, etc. Anyway, I'm posting these pictures the same day as they played, so I haven't gotten around to cropping them. So, Check them out, already!

The Distillers, Transplants, Pressure Point - July 22, 2002 at Vets Hall, Santa Cruz

Well, I didn't get any photos of Pressure Point cuz I was too far in the back. The pictures of Transplants came out weird because Tim had an Armstrong Drive street sign over his amp that collected all of the light from my flash and reflected it back at me. I had to mess with the contrast to even make some of these photos viewable, and that's what that shiny white thing is in the photos. Note guest appearances in the pix of Brody from Distillers, Davey from AFI, and Lars Fredrickson. I got four, count 'em, FOUR photos of the Distillers before my batteries gave out on my camera. Damn. Anyway, view the photos.

The Rezillos, Stitches, The Sermon - June 21, 2002 at Justice League, San Francisco

Finally a chance to see the legendary Rezillos. After some difficulties with the sound, they got everything working and the band rocked the crowd. A bunch of stupid skinheads showed up, but I suppose that's expected. The Sermon were all about garage rock and breaking tables. Stitches were way snotty, and were all about breaking mic stands. And, of course, The Rezillos kicked it up new wave style with most of their old hits and a few new tunes.

Rocket Queens, Life's Halt, Rosemary's Billygoat, Adversives, Barry Man-O-War - February 10th, 2001 at Gilman Street, Berkeley

This was quite the show. The Rocket Queens are a GunsNRoses tribute band. Life's Halt plays fast and furious hardcore, but what is up with the neck bandanas? Rosemary's Billygoat plays evil metal and has a stage show that is quite incendiary. Adversives are from Boise and, even though they deny it, have become quite the emo band. And, whew... Barry Man-O-War were the gods of death metal and schmaltz. It was a fun evening. Probably my favorite part was listening to Mikey (ex-Your Mother) interview the Adversives (ostensibly for MRR) and do more talking than the band.

Youth Brigade - July 8th, 2000 at Palookaville, Santa Cruz

The first (and only) time I saw Youth Brigade was in Boise in 1983 or 1984. (Actually, I saw "The Brigade" a couple of years after that, but they were pretty boring so it doesn't count). This was my second time. They put on a decent show, and still have a ton of energy for folks that are even older than me. Check the photos.

The Swingin' Utters - July 8th at Palookaville, Santa Cruz

The Swingin' Utters tore up Palookaville, and here are the pictures to prove it!

Supersuckers - Sometime in May or June, 2000 at Palookaville, Santa Cruz

Check out these ragin' photos of the Supersuckers

Your Mother's last show, with Girl's Soccer, Drippy Drawers, Preachers That Lie, Schlong, and, of course, Your Mother - Gilman Street 1/9/2000

This was Your Mother's last show, as they decided to call it quits. For details, see their website at

It took 5 years, but photos of Schlong and PTL are now up!!!

I'll have more details about the show later, as well as pictures of P.T.L. and Schlong, but right now, go check out the spectacle that is Your Mother.

It just occured to me that I have too many Your Mother photos on DieHippieDie. It's not that they are the only band I go see, but they are one of the only ones that was visually interesting enough to take photos of. I'll miss you guys (sniff sniff).

Your Mother, Atom and His Package, and Yaphet Kotto - Gilman Street 11/5/99

The full bill for this show was Charmless, Sean Na Na, Your Mother, Atom and His Package, and Yaphet Kotto.  I missed the first band, and most of the second because I didn't leave Santa Cruz until 7:20pm and the show started at 8pm.  (Santa Cruz is 75 miles from Berkeley).  I took so many (crappy) photos, each band gets their own section.  I also wasn't selective about what photos I put up.  I stuck them all up here, even when they sucked.  Deal.

Your Mother put on an excellent show, with all of them wearing lovely blue Air Supply t-shirts.  These guys have to be one of the most entertaining bands to watch.  They have a stage presence that is missing from most live shows I see.  Craigums got rid of his dreads since the last time I saw him (and, in fact, I don't think I've ever seen him without them), and then he accused ME of being a hippie!  It is what inside that counts, buddy, and I ain't got nuthin' but pure hate.  Anyway, check out the photos.  Oh, and when your done, go visit their website.

Atom and His Package was next.  Atom puts on a fun show,  and the crowd was digging it.  Shortly after the set started, he got a call on his cell phone, which was a friend of his playing a practical joke on him from the back of the club.  Now, I have nothing at all against cell phones, but I have two questions.  Who the hell takes their phone on stage with them?  And, who would answer a phone call in the middle of a set?  Well, Atom, I guess.  I certainly can't think of anyone else.  In the photos, there's a picture of him taking a call.  Okay, so take a peek at Atom.  Sorry, no pictures of the Package.  Also, go visit his website and read his tour diary.

Yaphet Kotto finished the night off.  They had a new member and only played five songs.  That was probably good, as they spent a lot of time tuning between songs, so the set was long anyway.  The photos aren't the best, but I present them here for your viewing enjoyment.

The Swingin' Utters - The Vets Hall Basement, Santa Cruz 3/26/99

Atom and His Package and Your Mother - Radio Free Records, San Jose 9/28/98

Atom put out a great show at Radio Free Records in San Jose.  Funny guy, fun songs, good crowd.  Your Mother was as disorganized as ever, but put on an energetic and fun show.  More of punk rock should take itself with the same attitude as these guys do. (Also, note that while Craigums has hippie hair, he was wearing an Exploited t-shirt, so I'll forgive him).

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