Netpunk March 2002

Another month of random websites with no specific topic.  One of these months I should tackle the porn sites, just so those of you still in school will have something to do in the library on break.  Oh well, let's get to it.

First up this month is a new website for Septic Death, Boise's original speedcore band.  The site was created by their drummer, and is a great resource for information on this legendary band.  You'll find just about everything you want to know here, and if you don't find something, you can always ask in the message boards and you'll probably get an answer from Paul.  Visit the website at .

Speaking of Septic Death, the Swedish band Bruce Banner has a killer cover of the SD song "Demon" available for download at their site (  These guys actually e-mailed me about their site several months ago, but the first time I visited it wasn't that together.  Well, they've got it now, with a bunch of mp3's available, bios on the members, photos, a guestbook, etc.  These guys do hardcore right, so check out the music.

I have the feeling I've mentioned this recently, but I can't seem to find where, and even if I have, they've grown, so you really oughtta check out DIYauction at .  They have a bunch of stuff up on their auction boards, plus there are sections on DIY projects, and they run a distro.  You might even be able to get your site hosted through them, so take a look.

For some eye candy, check out Bansky: Weapons of Mass Distractions, which is a series of urban guerilla-style graffiti images.  Fun to browse through.  Apparently they also have a book available through AK Press.  You'll find Bansky at .

P0NK-111 ( is a distro, but the best thing about their website is their record reviews.  They have over 1750 reviews of various punk, old-school, and hardcore releases.  The reviews are pretty run of the mill, but there are a ton of them, and they contain some good information.  The site also has a handful of sound files, some links, and a current copy of "The List" of SF bay area shows.

The next two sites had me rolling on the floor.  That's because they are MIDI versions of your favorite punk tunes.  MIDI files are those crappy sound files that use to be all the rage on websites - computer-generated music that sounds like it.  Sorta like that Crass 7" that was all done on Casiotone, you'll groove to covers of the Ramones, Fugazi, Bad Religion and more.  This shit has to be heard to be believed!  Pick up a handful of files at either or .

I'm going to finish up the column with a half dozen sites from countries around the world, some of which you may not have realized even had a punk scene.  I love looking at sites from other countries, checking out the local bands and photos, even if I can't read the damn things.

I've no problem reading, as it deals with "underground Irish music... and stuff".  Lots to read here, with several thought-provoking articles, reviews, photos, sound and video files, and a message board.  And it all has to do with Irish punk rock.  Cool.

Kerpunk ( is a great name for a site.  That it is an online resource for the South African punk scene makes it that much more cool.  The site is basically one huge message board, where anyone who signs up can contribute with reviews, columns, news, etc.  I'd love to see more websites like this one.  It really gives a sense of the community in the term "punk community".

Bataan Rural Decay ( has a bit of info about the Philippine punk movement and some of the bands from the Bataan province.  Not a ton of info here, but some decent photos of bands from the region, and a listing of releases.  Maybe in the future they'll put up some sound files and more photos.

Punk De Columbia ( is all about the Columbian punk scene.  Unfortunately, it looks like this rarely gets updated, but you might be able to find some useful addresses and links at this site if you're interested in their scene.

To wrap it up, I'm going to finish up with Vox Wuhanpunk Chaos ( which is all about the punk scene in Wuhan City, China.  Some of this site is in Chinese and doesn't display correctly, but there is a lot of stuff in English, and you can check out some pretty killer photos.  Give it a try.

That does it for this month.  Hopefully I found something interesting for you.  If nothing else, give those damn MIDI files a listen.  Woo hoo!  Ok, gotta go.  E-mail me at or check out for old and new copies of this column.  See ya.