Netpunk August 2000

We all know the true meaning of punků Fashion! So, this month, just in time for heading back to school, I present you with A Punk Rocker's Guide to Buying Punk Rock Clothes on the Web. Before I get started, I want to mention that there are a ton of people online selling a handful of punk rock T-shirts and patches along with the records and zines they distribute. I'm (for the most part) ignoring these sites, instead focusing on those that just sell clothes or related items.

The other thing I paid little attention to was price. This is fashion, dammit, and so price is not important! Actually, I eliminated a couple of sites that were selling T-shirts for more than 20 bucks, because that is ridiculous, but what I'm saying is that you should do some comparison shopping between all of the sites I mention. Personally, I wouldn't buy a shirt for more than 10 bucks max, but you'll have trouble finding any store selling them for as low as that.

Probably the best-known punk rock clothing store is Angry, Young, and Poor (and after paying 15 bucks for a T-shirt, I'd feel that way too). Anyway, they have pretty much every piece of clothing a fashionable punk could want -- skirts, shirt, pants, leather, T-shirts, belts, bracelets and more. Unfortunately, some of the photos of their stuff are pretty hard to see. You'll find AY&P at .

Another pretty well known site is Interpunk ( You won't find as much '77 style clothing here as you will at some other shops, but they have a large selection of T-shirts and some decent leather bracelets and belts, plus a bunch of other stuff. Most of it is priced within reason.

If you're looking for some rather offensive to mainstream society (mostly anti-Christian) T-shirts and stickers, then point your browser to . PunkAssGear has tons of slogans that will get your butt kicked out of class the first day.

For a small, but pretty cool selection of bondage pants, wild skirts, and wacked shirts, visit Hooligan. The only big problem if you're in the US is that Hooligan is in the UK, and you'll pay a bit for shipping to get the stuff to your door. Check them out anyway at .

Crash And Burn mail order doesn't have an online store, but they do have their catalog online and a phone number where you can order stuff. They have 2 or 3 dozen band shirts, as well as boots, braces, bombers, and flight jackets. You'll find Crash and Burn at . The Last Resort sells the same sort of stuff, and you can find them at However, their T-shirt prices are way high.

If your idea of punk is paying $21.95 plus shipping for an Anarchy T-shirt, then is for you, otherwise, don't bother. The only thing they have are reprints of classic T-shirts from the past that might be hard to find. Look but don't buy -- .

Shock Therapy! Boutique has skirts, men's and women's shirts, bondage pants, studded bracelets, shoes and more. Good pictures allow you to tell what you're spending so much cash on. You'll find Shock Therapy at .

More high-priced fashion, in the form of Goth wear, vinyl, standard punk fare, and more is available from Retail Slut, at . The punks modeling the high-priced punk fashion include Andi from Snap-her, so you might want to visit for that reason.

Ever need a leather bikini or g-string? How about chaps? Okay, a bomber jacket then? Jamin' Leather, which seems to be more of a biker site, has all of that and more. And I was surprised at their prices. Pretty damn good for dead cow. Check them out at .

A site those of you into tats might like is WaterBulb. They have a pretty cool selection of T-shirts, g-strings, and boxers featuring flash art. You'll find them at .

What is punk rock clothing without accessories? The following are some sites that will allow you to complete your ensemble. The Punk Shop, at has a small selection of manic panic, patches, buttons, and studded bracelets. While the selection is small, the prices are decent, so check her to see if they have what you want before paying more.

The catalog at is pretty extensive. They boast over 1100 items, which include chokers, bracelets, belts and jewelry, including stuff for piercing. Part of their proceeds go to feed starving children, and their stuff is priced pretty reasonably. They actually have studded leather bracelets for less than 10 bucks!

Black Leather ( carries bracelets, chokers, belts, and, most importantly, guitar straps. Not a bunch of stuff, but what they do have looks pretty good. I have a feeling they make it themselves, as the website gives me that sort of feeling.

Finally, you'll need jewelry for the piercings that will no doubt accompany your new duds. Rings of Passion has a lot of what you need. Not only do their carry jewelry, but they also have some pretty good advice on what to expect from a piercing parlor and advice for caring for your piercings. Visit them at .

Finally, if you didn't find what your were looking for from this column, visit Punk Wear, which bills itself as "A Clothing Directory for Alternative Lifestyles". They have a lot of stuff that I didn't mention in this column, either because it was limited to a few products, or because it was overpriced. Still, I might have missed something you'll want to know about. Punk Wear is located at .

Okay, that's it for this month. You can write me at or visit for an archive of all of my columns. And, as always, you can write me at PO Box 8059; Santa Cruz, CA 95061. Now, go turn on your computer and be a good consumer.