Netpunk August 2002

Some months this column writes itself and others I have to struggle to find enough worthwhile sites to even get started.  You can probably tell the difference, but I'm going to let you read this sucker and you can decide for yourself if it was one of those months or not.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned the Book of Zines before, but this site, at , deserves mentioning every other month.  It is THE resource for both the reader and publisher of zines and e-zines.  This is a giant directory of zine related information, including where to find back issues online, addresses where you can donate your zine collection, legal issues and resources for zine publishers, links to How-to pages on everything from distribution to zine tips and tricks.  Basically, if you are into zines, this site has it all.  Don't miss it.

Speaking of directories, the Punk Information Directory ( has a slew of label and band listings, including the releases that the bands have put out.  It is not, however, a complete listing, but instead is what the webmaster knows about.  As such, there are some inaccuracies, but this is still pretty cool.  He also has a music and concert review section.

Not being a regular reader of Punk Planet, I lost contact with what Bob Conrad has been up to for the last 5 years or so (ever since he left the punk-list) and I just happened across the website for Second Guess, his long running Reno-based zine.  This site is less about the zine and more a Bob archive.  He has a smattering of (somewhat) lengthy articles he's written for different things, as well as a great section of band photos from The Third Chord, the book of photos he put out.  Pay it a visit at .

You'll also find a lot of cool photos, flyers, and more at TCPunk ( which covers the Minneapolis/Saint Paul punk scene.  There's a Minnesota Punk discography, Felix Von Havoc's flyer archive, a band list, a huge message board area, and more.  Plus, it is clean and easy to look at.  What more could you ask for?

You'll find a nice article on Dez of Black Flag, Willie of Los Illegals, and Tito of the Plugs online from an issue of Frontera Magazine, which focuses on Latinos.  The article is about their participation (as Latinos) in the LA punk scene and what they are doing now.  It is a pretty interesting, though short, read.  Check it at .

I could do without all of the pink, but GirlPunk.Net ( has way rocking photos of punk bands with girls, plus mp3s, reviews, articles, interviews, and message boards, all from a punk girl perspective.  Lots and lots of stuff to read and look at here.

An another cool site for women is She-Net: Women of Independent Minds at .  This site is mainly a forum whose focus is to provide a "women-supportive environment" that is "pro-diversity", "sex-positive", and "community-driven".  You'll find thought-provoking articles, and an opportunity to network with other women who may be a lot like you.  Oh, and men are welcome, so long as they abide by the rules.

Another sex-positive site, run by a women, is, and e-zine that includes Sex Toy advice, (mostly) erotic poetry, a bit of prose, and some weird interviews.  You probably don't want to get caught looking at this at work or in the school library, but if you get a chance, visit .

Another pretty interesting and weird place on the net is Found Magazine (  Found magazine is a paper and e-zine of notes, photos, letters, etc that people find on the street, etc.  Some of those scraps of paper that are blowing around your town have some pretty weird things on them.  Believe me... or don't... check them out for yourself.

The weather around here has been pretty damn nice, and so I've been working on my Vespa, getting it ready for the season (actually, here in California I can ride it year round, but I don't like riding it after dark because the electronics on it suck, so I have to wait awhile.  Anyway, some punk rockers do actually ride scooters (or maybe I'm just a poseur) and 2StrokeBuzz should prove it.  Their motto is "Kicking Ass and Leaking Gas" and they are about all things Vespa and Lambretta, with a bit of punk rock thrown in.  Visit it at .

Of course, some of you probably think that motorcycles are more punk than scooters, and, if so, you should head over to Motorcycho ( which is about all things fast and two-wheeled.  They even have a mp3 section that includes some garage and punk sound files.  Plus, you can find out your outlaw biker name and be the envy of all your pals (mine, by the way, is Dragstrip King, riding for the Toecutters MC).

Alright.  That's gonna be it for this month.  E-mail me your websites at, because then I don't have to work so hard.  Or, visit my columns at my site --  (So, whadd'ya think, was it one of THOSE months?)