Netpunk February 2002

Well, since February is a short month, this will be a short column (good excuse, eh?).  What I've got for ya is a random bunch of punk rock sites that I think are worth looking at.  A little something for everyone this time around, and perhaps nothing at all about the war.  So, let's get to it.

We'll start with some eye candy, in the form of .   This site has over 4000 gig posters covering all genres of rocknroll.  All of the posters that I've found here are of the slick, full-color variety.  It would be nice if they also had quality B&W 8.5 x 11 posters (you know, gig flyers), but they don't.  They also have discussion forums that are about the posters and/or artists, and one actually could hook you up with someone to design posters for your band.

Speaking of posters, The Shame of Rock and Roll ( is one place to buy them, if you've got 20 or 30 bucks that you want to toss at a gig poster.  There may be cheaper places to get them (I don't really know -- I've never priced posters), but it looks like this site has quite a few.  Take a look.

One fan's collection of various rock posters, autographed CDs, concert tickets, etc  is available for viewing at Voodoo Venue (  This is kinda weird, because it's just a bunch of scans of stuff the guy owns, but he does have an autographed Johnny Thunders gig flyer, as well as a bunch of scan of punk 45 covers.  Be a voyeur -- take a look.

I just ran across, and they seem to have a pretty good thing going.  Not only do they have a ton of interviews for you to read, but they also have video and audio interviews, a few hundred record reviews, and several dozen show reviews.  In addition, the site appears to be updated weekly, so there is plenty of fresh material here.  And, of course, they take submissions -- why should they have to do all the work?  Visit it at .

WorkingForChange is an interesting activist site, brought to you by everyone's favorite pc phone company, Working Assets.  Corporate sponsorship aside (and there are, by far, worse corporations), this site provides easy access to many of the major issues of today -- the war, Afghani women's causes, the cloning debate, the environment, etc.  If you aren't actively involved, this is probably as good as a starting point as any.  You'll find WorkingForChange at .

For those of you looking for some way to sell your old stuff online without resorting to e-bay, you might want to visit DIYauction (  Along with the ability to sell punk rock stuff, they also have vegan info and DIY articles.  It's is kinda small right now, but the more people that use it, the better alternative to e-bay and the like it will become.

Another site with a good idea, but suffering from a lack of users is Music Union Underground (  The stated mission of MUU is to act as an online networking source for bands.  As any underground band knows, the easiest way to find out about clubs and gigs in other cities is to know bands from that city.  That's where MUU comes in. It is sorta like a BYOFL, except that it is more about networking than a big list.  This would be a cool thing, if enough people use it to make it worthwhile.

I can't quite figure out Hisparock (  This is a large collection of links to MP3s of punk, rock, and hardcore bands, with many of them being hispanic, but not all.  Among the Spanish language songs are also songs by well-known bands such as Social D.  I don't get it, but there is a lot here, and maybe you will.

You can find a really great collection of punk mp3 files at Crazy Canadian (  Even though the site hasn't been updated lately, if you've never been here, there is plenty to download.  There are a slew of songs by known and unknown punk bands, and my only complaint is that they are in .zip format, so you have to unarchive them after you download them.

To wrap up this month (told you it would be short), the Italian label Point Break Records has a very nice website that you'll want to take a glance at. Not only is it well designed, but there are free mp3 files and a discussion board (where you may need to brush up on your Italian).  Point Break has some really fine bands, so visit it at .

Okay, that wraps it up for this month.  E-mail me at and visit my column online at  Until next time, I'm outta here.