Netpunk February 1998

Another month, another column of links and other junk for you punk rock computer geeks (or those of you with too much free time, or a job where you can screw around on the computer) out there.  I don't have much ranting to do this month, and I have a bunch of sites for you, so I think I'm gonna dive right into it.

No, wait.  Actually, I want to mention something first.  Every once in awhile I get e-mail from some of you asking me questions like "Dude, can you tell me the cool punk sites?"  What the FUCK do you think I do in this column every month?  What, do you think I'm holding out on you - keeping the ultra-elite sites for myself?  Honestly, I don't have time to give you any other links besides the ones in this column.  Anyway, exploring the net can be fun (and a big waste of useful time, too) - so get to it.

Okay, so we'll start of with No Masters, No Slaves at .  NM,NS is a webzine with columns, reviews, some pictures (when I checked this out, the only pictures were of the Varukers), and band interviews and pages.  A decent web site with plenty of content that should keep you busy for a while, at least.

For those of you into the crusty side of punk (you know, Discharge, etc.) you must check out the CrustNet Web Ring.  As I've mentioned before, web rings are a collection of like sites that are linked to each other.  In other words, if you are a crusty and managed to spare change enough for your computer, then this is the site for you.  Check it out at .

Next up is The Punk Corner (  This Italian site is fairly minimal, though it does have interviews with The Cramps, Pulley, and Dwarves.  Doesn't seem to cover unknown punk bands much, but if that's this guys thing, then so be it.  Worth checking out the interview with the Cramps if nothing else.

One of the most frightening sites on the net has to be The Official Boris the Sprinkler website.  This band has some guy that sorta resembles a giant grasshopper or mantis or something, and they wear wacky costumes and act goofy.  There are some great pictures here of this guy that calls himself Reverend Norb and the rest of his band.  Also, you can listen to some Boris songs, and check out a discography, upcoming live shows, and more.  You'll find the Boris site at

The Atrophy Zine ( web page is minimal at best.  There are a few stupid things here (like Your Momma insults and punk rock jokes) and a little bit of writing.  This could definitely use improvement, but you might want to drop by the site if you have a few minutes with nothing else to do.

I don't think I've mentioned the Japankore homepage before, but if I have, I guess I'll mention it again.  Lotsa good stuff here about Japanese punk bands, including an interview with Melt Banana and Japanese record reviews.  I guess Japankore is also a paper zine, and so they are working to put up the back issues up.  There are also other resources for fans of Japanese punk, so check it out at .

If you're into anarchy (and really, who isn't?) there's a decent Czech site at .  Included here is stuff like the Police Attack Photo Gallery, LUNA (anarcho eco-feminists), Food Not Bombs, and info on squatting in Prague, among other stuff.  Very cool.

Broken Ear is a punk label and distro from France.  They've got a decent page in both French and English explaining a bit of what they are about.  You can read about them at .

By the time you read this, Epicenter should actually have a website up at .  It was in rudimentary stages as of this writing, but it looks like the guy who's maintaining it knows what he's doing and so it should look good and hopefully contain some good stuff too.

Finally, there is another new mailing list out there that you can subscribe to, and fortunately this one comes in both digest and regular listserv form.  This one is dedicated to 77-style punk.  To subscribe to the list itself, send a message to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.  To get the digest, send your message to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.  Enjoy.

Okay, so that's it for this month.  You can write me at PO Box 8059;  Santa Cruz, CA  95062 or e-mail me at .  You'll find my columns, as well as those of Lefty Hooligan, Mykel Board, and the Rev. Norb at .  See ya.

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