Netpunk January 2000

Wow, it is hard to believe that MRR actually made it to issue 200! I've been reading it since 1982 and have saved every copy, back to number 6. They take up a ton of space, but once in awhile they are fun to pull out and peruse. Here's hoping for another 200 issues, though who knows what the magazine will be 18 years from now.

We actually were offered the chance to "take on" other columnists this issue, but I figured those of you with computers would rather hear about cool websites than have me rant. Plus, I don't give a damn about other columnists' opinions -- as long as they aren't boring to read. I don't agree with many of them, but they at least stimulate me to think about issues that otherwise might not be on my mind.

I found the perfect site to start of the new millenium. It shows how fucked up the 20th century really was, and gives us something to strive for in the 21st. That's right, it's The Crime Library at . This site focuses on classic crime stories, gangsters, terrorists, and mass murderers. Sometimes macabre, but always interesting.

Speaking of macabre, I ran across the electronic version of Murder Can Be Fun at . A selection of articles here on kids ripped apart by polar bears, dead music stars, and food poisoning. Check it out!

By the time you read this, those old school punks that everyone loves or hates, NOFX, will have an official website up and running. It should be interesting, as they promise a bunch of old fliers, photos, and more. I wonder if they'll talk about the early days of playing Rudimentary Peni songs at Brad's Lower Deck (a two car garage) in Boise. Anyway, you can find their site at (so much for a catchy name).

I also just found out about FatFreeRadio, which offers streaming mp3 on the net. I was afraid this was gonna be nothing but Fat Wreck bands, as it is hosted by Fat Wreck, but, to their credit, they have a diverse bunch of music up here. From classics by Toy Dolls, Bad Brains, and Minor Threat to new stuff by Fugazi, Swingin' Utters, and Anti Flag, this site has a wide range of tunes. Boasting over 2400 songs, you'll find FatFreeRadio at .

A site that might be good, if they could get more people to use it, is This is supposed to be a database of shows around the country, searchable by band, state, or club. Unfortunately, there isn't much here yet. If you're in a band, you might check this out, and put up your dates. This could be a great resource. Of course, if the web designers really cared, they could collect the regional lists (like the Bay Area LIST) and data enter them themselves. Whatever.

Another site with PUNK in its title is Punknews at . Punknews has "tours, news, zines and shit about punk". The main focus here seems to be punk gossip, but you'll find some interesting links, and some weird stuff. Worth a look.

One site that I discovered via Punknews was Nasty!Nasty!, a site about British punk for 1976 to 1979. Lots of cool info on bands of that period, as well as recommended releases and scans of picture sleeves. You'll find Nasty!Nasty! at .

Of interest to some of you with tastes that include the fringes of punk, New Wave Outpost features a lot of late 70s and early 80s bands that some of us are trying to forget, along with a bunch of good power pop stuff. This site includes mp3 files of obscure mp3 bands, a list of compilations where you can find certain new wave tunes, and wish lists that the web designer wants to get his hands on. Put on your polyester clothing and surf on over to .

If you have a decent connection to the net, and a decent computer, you might find the Jinx Magazine site interesting. The whole damn thing is done in Shockwave Flash, which means that it is slow loading. Unfortunately, for all the slick looks, there is no real content here. Actually, check this site out for how NOT to do your site. Looks good, but is definitely less filling. You'll find Jinx Magazine at . Don't say that I didn't warn you.

I think I may have mentioned this in the past, but it is worth mentioning again. For those of you who are psychobilly fans, West Coast Psychobilly at is your one stop shop for all things Psychobilly. I've always held that punk rock was closer to hillbilly music than it was to rocknroll. More psychobilly stuff here than you could possibly want, you'll stick around this site awhile.

The final page for this month is Northwest Punk. This is mostly a bunch of links to other sights, organized by labels, zines, and bands. Unfortunately, they've used too many graphics, which make the pages extremely slow loading. It's a real bummer. They also have a band of the month area, some mp3 files, and a java chat utility. Not bad, but could be a lot better. You'll find it at

That's all I have time for this month. Check out my website at or send me e-mail to . And, of course, you can mail me via the good old postal service at PO Box 8059; Santa Cruz, CA 95061. Oh, and if you're in a band that has put out a CD+, with both computer files and music on them, send them my way too. I'll be happy to give them a look and listen, and mention them in the column if they're worthy. See ya.