Netpunk January 2003

Since my last couple of columns have had themes, I've ignored many of the websites that all of you have sent my way over the last couple of months.  This month, I'm going to feature some of the better ones that you've turned me onto (or reminded me to re-visit) recently.  Don't forget, if you have (or know of) a website you think is worth mentioning in this column, send it my way.  Just e-mail .  Now, let's get on with it.

A big thanks goes out to Sergio, who provided a bunch of great sites for this month's column.  Sergio has a couple of pages of pictures that he's taken at shows at .  Good stuff here - check it out.

I thought I'd already mentioned this, but in looking back over old columns, I can't find any mention of it.  Sherman Austin, the anarchist behind the very worthwhile and informative anarchist website,, was arrested a year or so ago for info that was posted on the site.  The ordeal isn't over yet, and you can get more info and updates at the site.  You'll also find lots of other anarchist related news, commentary, articles, forums, and the like.  Take a look - .

Another anarchist site worth taking a look at is (  They have information in several languages about anarchism, the anti-war movement, anti-capitalism, tons and tons of links, and more.  In addition, they recently printed a 24-page booklet that explains anarchism to the non-anarchist.  If you're interested in distributing copies of the booklet, they'll send you a box of them.  If you are serious about anarchy, you'll do more than preach to the converted, and check this site out.

On a lighter note, Rockin Van is one interesting read.  All about vans (the band touring vehicle, not the shoe) and sex and rocknroll, Rockin Vans has some a bunch of interesting stories, all related to that box on 4 wheels that you can live, drink, or fuck in.  Even if you don't have one, you still have to appreciate the dedication and effort they've put into this fine site -- .

Another website worthy of your attention is that of Modern Drunkard Magazine (  While available in print form, Modern Drunkard puts a ton of their content online, including drink recipes, stories about getting drunk, hanging out in bars, and generally being degenerate.  Really, how can you go wrong?

For some raging mp3s, decent photos, flyers, links and other stuff, take a visit to Flat Earth Records website at .  Flat Earth puts out a bunch of different stuff, but most of it leans towards crust.  They have at least one mp3 from each of their releases available, which means there are over 50 songs for you to download.  I always appreciate free music.

I mentioned Spontaneous Combustion quite awhile back, and I'm happy to say that their site has grown since last mention.  For one thing, they stopped publishing their paper zine and have gone to an all web format.  There is too much cool stuff here to list.  Interviews, reviews, a history of the 'zine dating back to 1985, message boards, and more.  There is also a record collecting section, with a G.I. discography, among other things.  You'll find Spontaneous Combustion at .

If you're into the heavy grindcore shit (and I mean shit in the good way), visit Braindead at  They have the latest news from various bands and labels in the genre, as well as a slew of links to mp3s, some legit and others pirate.

On a sad note, there have been a number of punk rock deaths recently.  On October 6th, Raw Power guitarist Guiseppe died of a heart attack.  Raw Power had been playing since back in the day (I still remember their raging show at Satyricon back in 84 or 85) and truly had the punk spirit.  There is a guestbook on the Raw Power website where folks have been leaving comments.  Take a look -- .

Also around the same time, Matty Luv of Hickey / Fuckboyz / etc. fame passed away from a heroin overdose.  I've heard rumors of a guestbook / memorial at , though as I write this, the page is not currently loading.  Take a look there, and then go to the Fuckboyz archive at and download some mp3s.  Fucking heroin...

That's gonna do it for this month.  Once again, you can e-mail me your comments or suggestions for sites to feature to or visit the Netpunk columns online at .  See ya.