Netpunk July 2001

Look, I'm so fucking old school I feel stupid even using the term "old school", so all of you hippie punks who take me to task for running a site called and those that can't get the sarcasm in my "punk is all about fashion" statement can return to your cradles.  Whew, glad I got that off my chest.  Speaking of old school, though, I have stuff this month that deals with the late-70s and early-80s, as well as a handful or other stuff.

Before I get to that, though, I want to mention an e-mail I got from OddManOut regarding my February article on recording LPs to CD.  Unless you want to end up with two long tracks, you need to split the recording up into individual tracks before you burn them onto CD.  The CD burner software won't automatically do it for you.  Also, he suggested checking out the Goldwave Audio Editor ( for tweaking your sound.  There is a version you can download at their website.

OddManOut is also the webmaster behind the 924 Gilman site, which looks like it is going to be a killer site.  Along with the upcoming shows, the site has a handful of flyers from past shows, the beginnings of a photo archive, notes from the meetings, a discussion board, and links to bands who have played Gilman.  It would be nice if they'd put up a complete show list, but I wonder if anyone has one.  They are looking for contributions, so if you have Gilman related photos, flyers, stories to contribute, get cracking.  You'll find Gilman Street at (where else?) .

It doesn't get too much more old school that the Old Punks Webzine at .  Check out the commentary of a crotchety old punker who likes to rile up the youth with sarcasm and wit.  Just my kind of guy.  Lots of funny stuff, and some good memories, reviews, etc from "back in the day" (what exactly does that mean, anyway?).

I must have had my head up my ass last year, because I never even noticed that Punk magazine had returned to publishing... or at least, put out one issue.  Their website, at, appears to be updated several times a week and has a lot of articles that are well worth reading.  At the time of this writing, there is a lot of stuff on Joey Ramone (RIP), as well as reviews, and the "Punk of the Month".  Check it out!

At the Punk magazine site, I found this great link to the Dead Boys -- .  You'll find a discography, a few mp3s, lyrics, articles, and some fantastic photos of these legendary punkers.  And after you're finished there, head to to get another dose.

I hadn't run across the Germs Manimal Page until this month, but it looks like it has been up and running for about a year or so.  One of the best pages I've seen on the Germs, with a bunch of scans of old fliers, a discography and band line-up, some guitar tabs, and a slew of lyrics.  Pretty cool.  Visit it at .

In the same vein is the Black Flag page at .  The best thing about this site is the "Where are they now" section about each of the members of Black Flag, and the line-up list.  Also of a bit of interest is the "Memories in Action" section where people have written in with their memories of seeing the band.

One old school band who is still around and kicking is The Crowd.  Their website has the latest news on the band, as well as an archive of photos and flyers, and an area where you can download most of their songs in near-CD quality.  Definitely worth a visit, especially if you've never heard the band -- .

Enough old stuff.  I have a few other things I want to toss your way, starting with .  MicroRadio is all about pirate radio -- how to start your own station, and why you should.  You can also listen in to streaming audio of pirate stations from around the world... including one right here in my hometown of Santa Cruz.

For a good laugh, check out the Evil Project at .  The evil project is a bunch of college kids trying to be funny... fortunately, sometimes they succeed.

Speaking of evil projects, you may want to go pick up a cheap Ukulele and then head over to Combative Ukulele to find out how to play it, and then learn songs by the Clash, The Jam, The Buzzcocks and more!  Really, I'm not kidding.  Become a street musician!  Visit and annoy your housemates today!

Okay, that's enough for this month.  If I get off my lazy ass and get around to it, you'll find my old and new columns at and you can always e-mail me to tell me how non-punk I really am at  See ya.