Netpunk July 1999


By the time you read this, the war in Kosovo may be over, though as of this writing it sure doesnít look like it. This month, in addition to the usual jumble of punk sites, I have some interesting anti-war sites for you to check out. Iím assuming that these will stay up even if the conflict is over, but if they arenít, I guess youíll just have to deal with it.

The first site, run by the Committee Against US Intervention, has a site at . Youíll find the latest news from the war, from the perspective of people who donít want the US there. Youíll also find a lot of commentary, editorials, cartoons, and letters about the issue. An excellent way to educate yourself about some of the reasons against action.

Another interesting and informative site is the Free Serbia site at . This site keeps you up to date on whatís happening, from an insiderís perspective, as it is being updated by people in Belgrade. The politics behind this site are interesting: the pro-democracy authors are against US intervention and policies of President Milosevic. Definitely worth your time.

Also covering the war in Kosovo, as well as other world events is Z magazine. Z magazineís website gives you daily critiques, columns, etc from leading social commentators and more. Visit Z at .

The final war site is the Alert! homepage at . This page is a collection of anti-intervention links, and also maintains a web-ring of anti-intervention sites. Visit here as a jumping off point for more information than you can read.

Okay, enough about the real world. Itís now time to retreat into our virtual world of punk rock websites and other cool shit, where bombs raining down on civilianís heads donít mean a thing and nazisí shooting up schools only happen in video games. Yep, itís time for the NetPunkRockRoundUp (I just made that upÖ catchy or what?).

Iíve mentioned before ( as a place to find free CD-quality music files. I explored it further, however, when I got an e-mail from John of the band Rocket City Riot. His band has sound files up on, and it got me interested on how you get your music up there. Itís actually very easy Ė all you do is sign-up and upload your songs.

If your band has a recording, you can sign up for a free account at and put the songs online. You keep all rights to the songs, though you have to give them permission to put them on compilation CDs if they want. You can even sign up for a deal where theyíll put out CDs for you, and sell them for whatever price you set (over a certain amount, but itís low) and give you 50 percent of the proceeds. If youíre in a band, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I put some Haggis songs up, which you can find at .

Rocket City Riot also put up some files, found at and are selling their CD at for only $4.99. After you check them out there, you should go to their homepage at and see what theyíre all about. They have a few pictures and a news page. Not a heck of a lot here, but you still might want to visit. The other cool thing about this band is that they recorded their entire CD using their home computer. The computer they used was a Pentium-166MMX with 32-megs of RAM Ė not exactly a powerhouse. DIY, baby!

I got e-mail from Dante of Sewage wanting me to check out their site. They have a couple of sound files whose quality was pretty bad, but from what I can tell they sound kinda like a New Yawk version of GBH. Lots of pictures here, mostly of their spiky hair singer. This site could use a lot of work. More text, less pictures, and some decent sound files. You can see what Iím talking about yourself at .

Another band page is that of Mrs. Krabappel at . This band has a couple of photos, a bunch of lyrics, and some song files. Unfortunately, the backgrounds screw things up so that you canít read the page, and overall there isnít much here. Another good example of a web page that needs some serious attention.

Now a couple of record label pages. Slap Happy Records has put together an excellent site for their label. Sample sound files of their releases, a whatís new section, reviews, and pages for the bands that are on the label. My only criticism is that there is not enough to read here. Still, it is easy to look and easy to find your way around. More punk sites should be put together like this. Slap Happy is at .

The other page is that of Track Star Records. Youíll find it at . Track Star is a label and distro that carries a bit of hardcore stuff. Their website is slick, and they have an interesting page about their releases and some cool pictures, but, unfortunately, they donít have any sound files.

Disjointed Thoughts, Paranoia? is a webzine that features mostly rants of itís author. Some of the rants are stupid, but some are insightful and interesting. DTP also has columns, some interviews, and reviews, as well as a message board dedicated to the discussion of evil. I still find the rants, which seem to be updated every couple of weeks, the most interesting. DTP is at .

Another Ďzine of sorts is Live Yoghurt, which is a bunch of rants by this 30-year old British guy. Sometimes heís silly, sometimes zany, but there is always a bit of fun, and occasionally a bit of truth, to what he has to say. Live Yoghurt is at .

The Punk and Art Page ( is another punk site, but this one has a bit of a twist. Their main focus is putting up artwork by punks like YOU. If you draw, paint, etc. you should get in touch and get them some samples to stick on the site. They also have punk photos, writing, message boards, and the other usual page stuff, but the artwork is the coolest part of this site.

Another page of punk artwork is at . Ryan does some pretty cool black and white artwork. You can check out samples on his page and maybe get him to do something for your Ďzine or band or whatever.

Okay, thatís quite enough for this month. A reminder that Iíve changed my address to and my columns are now online at . If you use my old address, however, Iíll still get it. Working at an ISP has its privileges. And, as always, you can send me snail mail at POB 8059; Santa Cruz CA 95061.