Netpunk July 1998

Not a hell of a lot to write about this time around.  You need to get off your ass and start putting up interesting web pages and sending their addresses my way.  I depend on you louses to give me stuff to write about, and you've been ignoring me.  Add to that a general lack of time on my part, and it makes for a short column, which this one is gonna be.  Fortunately, the few sites I do have for you are pretty cool, and should keep you busy, so read on.

First site I want to mention this month is the Vicious Kitten Fun House from Australia.  Vicious Kitten is a zine dedicated to RocknRoll of all kinds, but mostly of the raw variety.  You'll find an interviews here with Electric Frankenstein, Jeff Dahl, The Dictators, and more, as well as a lot of punk record reviews, articles about dead rock stars and long lost rock stars and more.  Check out Vicious Kitten at .

Another cool Australian site is Mondo Bizarro (, which bills itself as a distributor for "cheap punk rock", but their site contains a lot more.  Besides the catalogue (containing Australian prices) you'll find some real audio sound clips, links to some U.S. records that they carry, a chatline, and assorted other content.

Speaking of real audio, I don't think I've mentioned Raw Energy before.  Raw Energy is a Canadian record label that has some pretty good bands, and also has an online radio show.  You can listen online if you get yourself set up with real audio (, though when I tried to access the radio show for this column I had trouble.  Anyway, give it a try yourself by visiting Raw Energy at .

The band that wouldn't die even though many of its members have, Battalion of Saints now have a page (though I think its unofficial) which includes a history of the band, photographs, soundfiles, lyrics, and more.  If you've never heard Battalion of Saints, you need a history lesson.  Go to this page and check them out -- - you won't be sorry you did.

Somehow the leap from B.O.S. to this page doesn't seem to hard.  The Stone Cold Stunner Homepage has everything you every wanted to know about professional wrestling but were afraid to ask, including a message board about wrestling and a place where you can vote for your favorite wrestler.  Everybody knows that pro-wrestling is punk, so, providing your not a pencil-neck geek, get your wimpy little ass over to .

I got e-mail from Trish the other day that her 'zine, My Swollen Colon, was partially online.  Her site at currently has about 10 articles by her and her friends on all kinds of subjects.  More of a teenage personal 'zine than a punk zine, you still may find stuff at My Swollen Colon that amuses you or provokes some thought.

I think this next site is called Devil Doll 666 or something, though it never really says its name anywhere on the page.  You'll find it at .  There's pages here on drinking, punk rock, pinups, gambling, horror movies, and more.  Basically, any vice that its cool for a punk rocker to have is detailed here, so what are you waiting for?

Finally this month, I want to let those of you who are looking for certain newsgroups on a certain topic or band know about the Group List, available on the web at .  This file details all of the newsgroups available in the hierarchy.  By the way, if you don't know what newsgroups are, or have never used them before, I would recommend going to the Deja News website at and using their web-based browser to read newsgroups.  It's easier to configure than trying to deal with a separate news program on your own system.

Anyway, I'm done geeking for this month.  You can check out my Netpunk page at or e-mail me at .  Also, feel free to write me at PO Box 8059;  Santa Cruz, CA  95062.  And don't forget, if you do an interesting site, let me know about it!

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