Netpunk June 2001

I've got a slew of e-mail in the last month recommending some of these sites for your web surfing pleasure.  Keep those e-mails coming, because then this column practically writes itself!  E-mail me your fave web haunts at .

We'll start off this month with Gods of Porcelain and Plumbing, which is actually a 15-minute film you can download for free online.  The film deals with religion as a product, or toilet bowls as religion, or something like that.  Take a look.  It's fun, and you should be able to watch it over a 56k or better connection.  You'll find the film at .

The film itself is actually hosted at , which has a whole collection of videos in categories ranging from action and comedy to experimental and erotica.  Lots of interesting stuff here, if you have a decent connection.

I wanted to mention Dungpeople - the Malayasian DIY Network last issue, but I couldn't get their website to come up.  It's seems to be working now, though, so I'm mentioning it now.  While there are still some areas that are under construction and some outdated stuff, you'll find some info on the punk rock happenings in Malaysia.  Visit it at .

The same folks that put together this site are the same group that put together the site for Luk Haas' Tian An Men 89 Records page.  Also in need of updating, you will find detailed descriptions of the limited edition records on the label.  Tian An Men 89 is at .

As long as we are talking about limited edition records, I might as well mention a few record-collecting sites that I ran across while looking for a few goodies to add to my pile.  Ignoring the fact that it is part of the Revelation Records web site, the "trade board" is worth a look if you are seeking that ultra-rare slab o' vinyl and you have stuff you want to get rid off.  The trade board is on the Revelation site at .  They also blacklist dishonest traders, so you can feel fairly comfortable in dealing with the people on the board.

Papapunk also has a collector scum site that he mailed me about.  The coolest thing about his site is that he has a bunch of information and scans of early Dangerhouse stuff.  Give yourself a history lesson at .

The final collector site I'm going to toss at you is that of the Record Collector's Webring.  While not exclusively punk rock, you'll probably find something you're looking for at one of the dealers or collectors in the ring.  The main page for the ring is where you'll find links to each member of the ring.  Happy hunting.

For those of you into dirty rocknroll garage punk (and really, who isn't), The Daylight Lovers homepage has quite a bit of info on this Canadian band.  There are a bunch of free soundfiles and a video clip, band bio and interviews, a message board, and a few other things.  Slick looking site.  Check it at .

I also got e-mail about the Lehigh Valley Punk Rock page ( , which is a page oriented towards all there is to do in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  There is a list of bands from the area, with links to their pages, as well as information on where to find good eats, shop at indie merchants, hang out, etc.  It's sort of a local scene BYOFL.  Very cool format that other scenes have done.  Most of them don't do it this well, however.

I'm gonna wrap up this month with a mention of LiveJournal, a place where you can keep an online diary for everyone to read -- sort of like Cometbus, but probably not as good.  You can sign up for a free account at and start telling your thoughts to the world.  If you have anything interesting to say, drop me a line.

Again, my e-mail address is and you can check out my columns, when I get around to putting them up, at  Until next time, I'm outta here.