Netpunk June 2002

By the time you read this, it may be too late.  Congress may have taken away your right to own devices that will allow you to make copies of music and other media for use in mp3 players, CD-burners, etc.  Public comments on the issue ended April 8th (which is a few days later than the time I'm writing this).

Yep, once again the powers-that-be have their head up their asses… or rather, corporate interests have their fists up the asses of congress and are waving them around like puppets.  To find out what you can do at this point, check out the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Campaign for AudioVisual Free Expression (CAFÉ) at .  The CAFÉ includes information about more than just the issue of copying music, so take the time to visit.

I have a bunch of different sites for you this month, starting off with a brand new DIY resource,  PunkPortal is a site that consists of message boards and news archives created by YOU, after you register for a free account.  PunkPortal is actually part of Caustic Truths magazine, and it looks like it could be a pretty cool site if enough people actually visit it.  Now if I could just get Caustic Truths to stop sending me their damn press releases.

I'm not sure why it took me two years to discover that Finnish Hardcore legends Riistetyt have a website, but it did.  Now, however, I'm telling you about it, which means that you should head over and check out what these guys have been up to lately.  They have a bunch of Real Media files available for your listening pleasure, including old stuff from '83 and brand new stuff recorded this year.  Proof that even old farts can still tear it up.  Where to find them?  - .

A slightly different genre, but still a blast from the past, UK 70s punk rockers Penetration reformed last year, and have an excellent website full of both new and old photos, video, mp3s and news.  This is a band not enough punks know about, but you'll quickly learn a lot from this site.  The only bummer is that downloading from the archives is extremely slow, even on a fast connection, so you have to be patient.  Anyway, take a look at .

Speaking of UK bands, you'll find a slew of Oi!-ish (I made that up) bands from the 80s at UK82.  Bands  here include Abrasive Wheels, The Adicts, Anti-Pasti, Chron Gen, One Way System, Varukers, Vice Squad, and more.  Each band section includes some lyrics, photos, a discography, and links to other sites about the band.  Dig it -- .

Staying in England, One Car Pile-up have a decent website, with a few mp3s of the melodic hardcore, as well as a tour diary, a few photos, and some silly stuff.  If these guys are as dorky as their web page makes you think they are, they are probably a lot of fun.  Be the first on your block to give them a listen -- .

Not a lot to read at Punko Drom ( unless you happen to know Cyrillic, because this website is entirely in Russian.  Not really that much to look at either, but the primary reason I'm mentioning it is because there is a pretty nice collection of links to Russian punk bands you've probably never heard of.  Just click on the leftmost mohawk punker at the top of the page.

For a site that does have a lot to read, check out Mixtape webzine, which is updated every Wednesday.  The webmaster has a rant every week, plus there are columns, letters, vid clips, reviews, and an archive section that includes interviews with 7 Seconds, Brian Baker, and bunches more.  Mixtape is online at .

An addition to last month's blurb on record collecting sites would have to be Chris's Punk Record Collecting Page at .  In addition to a big trade list, Chris also has a cool picture sleeve gallery, his list of the 201 most essential punk/wave records, and some interesting taste in non-punk music.  Give it a look.

Wow!  That was my reaction to Crispin Sartwell's website at .  Crispin is a college professor, writer, punk rock aficianado, and has opinions/knowledge/information on anarchism, atheism, books, rocknroll, video, aesthetics, and everything else.  Make sure to check out his essays on punk in the All Edges section.  Definitely an academic, Crispin gives you tons to read and think about at his website.  I'll be visiting it often.

I'm going to finish it up this month with a couple of places where you can spend your cash.  First up is Pure Mania.  They carry patches, t-shirts, and bum flaps.  While this is at a UK site, their prices are all in dollars and they seem to be based in the US.  Their prices aren't too bad, so check them out at .

The other place for you to drop some moolah is Machete Mfg.  They have t-shirts, posters, buttons and stickers, all of punk bands.  Prices are decent, and there was some good stuff in the clearance section when I was there.  You can find Machete Mfg at .

Okay, that does it, I'm outta here for this month.  You can e-mail me at or check out my past, present, and future columns online in the Netpunk section at .  Later.