Netpunk March 2001

A mishmash of punk rockedness for you this month, with everything from old established labels to new bands you've never heard of and whose web pages will probably be gone by the time you read this.  Anyway, let's get right into it, shall we?

Starting off with the granddaddy of hardcore punk record labels, Dischord Records recently revamped their site.  It is really more or less a glorified shopping cart, but their prices are still some of the best around for a big label, and there is an interesting piece on the history of Dischord by Ian.  It would be nice if they'd stick up some archives of old flyers, and maybe a few sound files here and there, but it is still worth a visit.  Find them at .

For a cheap laugh, check out What Would Jesus Screw? at and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Cherry Bleeds is an interesting little e-zine and limited-release label where a handful of writers have rants and poetry.  It appears to be updated almost weekly, and the articles are well written and sometimes thought provoking.  The rants are on a whole different level than your average high-school zine, so don't shy away from them.  They also release limited mini-CDRs of bands that I've never heard of.  Visit them -- .

Some of the same folks responsible for Cherry Bleeds are also responsible for Film Junkie (, which is an organization dedicated to promoting the indie film maker.  They also hold a film festival in San Francisco.  Their website has lists of independent film festivals around the country, as well as articles on filmmaking and a resource list of links to other indie film sites.  Worth your while if you are at all interested in making or watching indie films.

From the film junkie site, I linked to the indiefest site at, the highlight of which is the "Choose Your Own Indie Filmmaking Adventure Story".  Visit it for that reason.

Speaking of films, check out .  The PunkRockVideos site is basically one guy's list of live punk videos he has for sale ($14 for 2 hours worth).  He has a ton of cool shit, and, if you have a fast net connection, you can download a handful of song-length video clips and check them out on your PC.  Cool.

Here's a site not to let your mom catch you looking at.  It's a nerd erotica site.  It is pretty tame by internet porn standards, but I find the whole thing rather intriguing, as the webmistress keeps a journal and she's an ordinary sort of geek who "peddles porn for a living".  You can even chat with her in her chatroom, where the conversation rarely appears to be sexual.  Just an ordinary geek taking their clothes off on camera, at .

Back to some punk rockedness, Blank Generation has a pretty good start, with a lot of record reviews, a few columns, and a few interviews.  The site focuses mostly on rocking punk, so in my book it's worth a visit --

I think I've mentioned it before, but Weirdotronix ( is worth a look, especially since it was recently updated.  It is an archive of flyers, photos, and stories from the early-80 LA scene.  There are a lot of cool flyer scans, and the stories really remind me of how fucked up the LA scene could get "back in the day".

Getting WAY back in the day, the mital-U site at features information on the Dada movement of the early 1900's, the Situationist movement of the 40's and 50's, and the 70's English and Swiss punk scenes, as well as some other stuff.  Catch up on some history and find out where a lot of the crazy stuff we take for granted today originated.

On to a couple of band sites, the Algorythms are a pop-punk band from Norway.  Their site has a nice looking layout, but it is the usual band photos, news, lyrics, etc.  My biggest complaint is that the sound files they have here aren't complete songs, just short samples, yet they are over 1/2 MB in size and don't really give you a good feel for the band.  Still, the site looks good, and maybe they'll flesh it out some more.  You can find them at .

Another decent band page is that of the Frownies at .  These guys play mid-tempo hardcore, and from their site you can link to a bunch of their songs at, available for your listening pleasure.  They also have some cool black and white band photos, and a brief bio of the band.  Worth a look.

Okay, that's gonna do it for this time around.  I gotta blow outta here for awhile, and that should tide you over until next month.  Remember to e-mail me your websites at or visit my outdated site at  See ya.