Netpunk Ė November 1998

Another random collection of punk rock websites this time around, so that you geekpunks can waste whatever free time you have sitting at a computer. Lots of people e-mailed me this time around wanting me to check out their websites. Cool by me. This column writes itself when I here from you punk web designers out there.

Book Your Own Fucking Life is has finally gotten wired. Thatís right, if you have access to a computer, you can submit your shit this year at . BYOFL is being run by the Amoeba Collective, and once the print version is out next year, this site will have a searchable index of the guide and will be continuously updated. This may actual keep BYOFL more up to date, which has been a problem in the past (just ask anyone who has used it to book a tour).

90 Proof Records is an Oi label out of Maryland that has a pretty good Oi-related website that does more than just focus on the label. Itís nice to see pages that are more than just ads for the respective label that puts them out. 90 Proof is at and features sound files, interviews with bands like The Templars and The Fatskins, top 10 music lists, links and more. If youíre into Oi, youíll probably want to visit 90 Proof.

Another well designed Oi site is . Not a hell of a lot of stuff here, but some fun show reviews, a few photos, links, and some ska and Oi show reviews. Working Class is also releasing records, so you can find out what they have available at the site.

I donít know how Iíve gone this long without mentioning the Slap A Ham website (actually, as I have no idea how long itís existed, I may not have been able to mention it earlier, but whateverÖ). Anyway, youíll find the complete Slap A Ham discography here, a bit of gossip about Slap A Ham bands, a few links, and one of the finest record label FAQs Iíve ever read. Visit Slap A Ham at .

A pretty basic band website, but one that is fairly well-designed is that of Toronto, Ontarioís 2-Pump Louie at . A collection of good band photographs and lyrics, but, unfortunately, no sound files that I saw. Still, this is a lot better than some of the band pages that Iím sent to review, so I decided to give it a mention.

Another Toronto website is the Wounded Paw punk site at . This site has a lot of sound files for Toronto punk bands (including 2-pump Louie), information about Wounded Paw distribution, and links to other things punk.

Armed With Anger is (if I judge by their counter) a little-known website with a lot going for it. It is the homepage of Armed with Anger Records, but it has more than just their catalog. At AWA, youíll find a ton of old flyers from UK Hardcore bands, a lot of great photos, and Armed with Anger zine, whose current issue features interviews with Timojhen of Vacuum, Kent McClard, Pressure Drop Press, reviews, and a bunch more. Check out ARA at .

One of the stranger sites this month is The Bike Parade ( What exactly this has to do with punk rock, Iím not quite sure. Itís a group of punkers who are really into cheap-ass bicycles. They have stories about their bikes, pictures of their bikes, and a bike gallery. Yeah, okay guys, whateverÖ

Something that has little to do with punk, yet a lot of punks seem to be interested in is pin-up queen Bettie Page. To help you find sites with photographs and information, Iíd like to point you to The Bettie Page at . This page has a complete lists of links to BP sites.

Okay, I realize this column is short, but what the heck. Itíll give other people more room to run on at the mouth. If you have a site youíd like me to review, or, better yet, a topic youíd like to see me cover in a future column, drop me a line at . Of course, you can also check out my old columns online at or write to me at PO Box 8059; Santa Cruz CA 95062. Until next monthÖ bye.