Netpunk October 2002

I'm sure you'll read about it elsewhere in the mag, and it is kinda interesting since I'm telling you about this after my last column on the death of Internet radio, but MRR has revived the MRR radio show.  This time, in fact, it is available to more people than ever, since it is available online via Real Audio.  Check it out at .

Another oldie-but-goodie punk radio station that is still up and running is Total Punk Radio, at .  Not only do they have a ton of stuff that they stream, but you can also make requests for your favorite songs (from their list) and they will be automatically put in the queue.   They stream in mp3, wma, and Real Audio format, in both high-speed and low-speed versions.

A decent source for mp3 files is, which has a ton of stuff ranging from the Sex Pistols to Septic Death.  For some reason, though, they have them zipped up, so they are kinda a pain to download and deal with.  Anyway, there is quite a selection here, so you should check it out -- .  They'll also host your mp3 files, if you don't have somewhere to host them yourself.

I mentioned this about year ago, but the address has changed, and so I thought I'd turn you onto it again.  The Germs Manimal page, dedicated to all things Germs, is still up and running.  Believe it or not, the webmaster still manages to find new stuff to post about this defunct band, so give it a look.  You'll find it at .

Got word of a nice photo site called Kid With Camera at .  David goes to shows, etc., takes photos, and then posts them along with a journal entries to accompany the pics.  There are some pretty nice live action shots of various bands, taken over the last couple of years.  Check it.

For you skinheads, or, at least, fans of OI! and skin music, you might want to check out Oi!, The Web Page! at .  Covering punk, Oi!, reggae, ska, scooters, beer, and more, there is a lot to look at, read, and listen to.

Another busy skin site is Drunken Skinhead at .  You'll find a huge bunch of links, news, reviews, and message bases.  You'll also find a bunch of various picture galleries, including band photos, pictures of tattoos, flyers and posters, drunken skins and punks puking (woohoo... just what I wanna see) and user-submitted naked punk (both male and female).  Fun for the whole family.

Though they aren't (as far as I know) a punk-owned business, I've been buying a lot of movies lately from .  They have stuff like Dudes, Sid and Nancy, and Repo Man for as cheap as 13 bucks, including shipping.  Everything I've ordered I've received in good condition in a reasonable amount of time, so I feel okay in recommending them.

Speaking of videos, you'll find some pretty interesting stuff at ScreenEdge, a video label associated with ex-Jettisoundz video folks.  You can buy vids and dvds, as well as viewing Real Video streams of everything from weird porn to Black Flag to Psychic TV to The Toy Dolls.  They have both low and high bandwidth streams, or you can download the vids to your computer.  Visit for a taste.

Speaking of streaming video, Punkcast has some pretty good vids too.  I think they may be associated with Screenedge, but I'm not sure.  You can check out live vids of The Queers, Agnostic Front, Joe Strummer, and countless others, both inside and outside of the punk genre.  Their site is .

I thought that was a pretty funny site, but it is more proof that you can find anything on the Internet.  This site is dedicated to showing you how to get vibrant hair colors with dye.  You'll find tips on dying your hair, including the best colors and brands to use,  a gallery of user-submitted photos, and columns on using alternative dyes and other colored-hair related anecdotes.  Visit it at .

About a year ago, I mentioned a site to get a free unix account online called TheUnixPlace.  The guy that was running this site can't seem to get his shit together and keep his computer up, and so I apologize to any of you that got an account with him, especially if you threw a donation his way for a lifetime account.  As a matter of fact, he doesn't even own the unix place domain name anymore.  Another free unix account provider now owns it, and they've been around for over 15-years, providing low-cost internet access to the public.  For a buck (to prove you aren't just using the system to send spam) you can get an account that includes email, webspace, a unix shell (where you can do all kinds of geeky stuff), newsgroup access, and more.  Check out the Super Dimensional Fortress at if you're interested.

That's going to wrap it up for this month.  Send an e-mail to with suggestions or sites that you'd like to see in this column.  And, as usual, you may check out all of the columns online in the Netpunk section at .  See ya.