NetPunk September 1996

Ever since I started this column I have gotten a lot of weird e-mail. Don't think I'm complaining, I like it. It is nice to hear from those of you who appreciate what I'm trying to do here (what AM I trying to do here, anyway?) and who just want to spout off at or to me. I've received e-mail from all over the world, and I always try to reply to everything I get, though occasionally it takes me awhile.

I get quite a few letters from people telling me how they've messed with people who are on America Online in various ways. This bemuses me at times, but on the whole it simply confuses me. Those doing the harassing are probably some of the same people who eat at McDonalds or Burger King on a regular basis, use AT&T or MCI as their phone company, and eat Post cereal every morning for breakfast, yet somehow they become elite when it comes to how they get their internet access. Fact is, most people who are on AOL are getting ripped off (I excuse those out in the middle of nowhere who have no other net access), but I still don't see how your internet provider or online service makes you a better person. Whatever.

I don't really have much ranting to do this time, which some of you may appreciate, because it means I'll give you more net stuff to explore. This time around, I've put together a whole mixed up mess of stuff. Some stuff about music, some about politix, and even a few food links this time. There's a little bit of something for everybody, so fire up your web browser and start looking at these sites.

I mentioned last time that the Communications Decency Act had been declared unconstitutional. Well, here's a quick update for you. The government has appealed the ruling, which means it will go all the way to the Supreme Court for a decision on its constitutionality. For online updates, don't forget to check the Center for Democracy and Technology, at .

I usually mention this at the end of my column, but I thought maybe if I put it here, more of you would notice it. If you want to browse the following addresses the easy way, simply head for the online version of this column. Everything I mention is has a link from my article to it, so you can browse in ease. You'll find all past, present, and future columns at .

First off this issue is a nifty little punk rock page that is relatively new, but doesn't look it. It's called "Punker Than Your Mother" and it is an evolving on-line e-zine. There are rants, reviews, links, a couple of record labels, Dead End distribution, an ad page where anyone can place an ad, and a live chat area that works with Java capable browsers. It appears that Tubby, the guy who put this together, is dedicated to working on it, so it should always be good for a look or two down the road. You'll find PTYM at .

Next up is a site about skinheads. The first thing you see, when you load the page, is the following -- "This is here strictly for individuals familiar with the traditional skinhead culture. There is no racist or white power information here." Good! That means I can tell you about it, because, if you are into the whole skinhead thing, this is the place for you. (I just don't get your need for wearing those silly suspenders, but hey, whatever your fashion... oh great, now I'm gonna get myself beaten up) Here you'll find discussion topics about the origin and history of the skinhead movement, where to buy your skinhead gear, links to other related sites, a skinhead picture archive, and links to scooter related web pages. My only criticism of the page is that there is not that much to read. There is a lot to look at, and ways to get to other information, but link pages are a dime a dozen. I like to see the rants and raves of the person who put the entire thing together. So, go shave your head, sit down at your computer, and browse to .

I found a collection of different punk bands at a place calling itself the New Music Network. It's info sheet reads like it is part of the insider music industry, but it is kind of confusing. There are profiles, photos, and sound files of a few bands here, most of whom are related to the punk scene in one form or another. Let's see, we've got Naked Aggression, Das Klown, All Day, Sublime, and, believe it or not, The Exploited, among others. There is something about the way this site describes itself that makes me uncomfortable -- just a little too close to music-business-as-usual, but why not go there and see for yourself. NMN is at .

I got e-mail the other day from Angus McPhee who turned me on to a whole bunch of cool sites, many of which I've used right here in this column. I always appreciate people giving me cool places to check out, because it means I can lay around and swill Oly stubbies while the rest of you do my work for me. Thanks Angus. Oh, Angus is from Scotland and has a rather interesting web page at where he has stuff about the Glasgow music collectiv, photos of bands, a section about noise, and links to other places. It doesn't look like he updates his pages often enough, so maybe this will light a fire under his butt. Anyway, for some reason Angus must have a thing for food, cuz he sent me a bunch of food related information.

The coolest site he told me about was McSpotlight, which is a site dedicated to bringing you intelligent and informed reasons why McDonalds Restaurants are McEvil incarnate. Actually, it is an excellent resource of information on why you shouldn't eat at McDonalds, with educated arguments made via pictures, sound files, movies, and literature. This is a must see for anyone opposed to corporate culture. Absolutely 100% cool, you MUST check it out right now -- .

Another nice food-related web page is for those of you who are afraid of meat -- yep, you got it -- vegetarians and vegans. The Vegetarian Pages ( are the ultimate resource for those of you plant lovers. If it's about vegetarianism or veganism, chances are you'll find it here. There is way too much stuff to list. Trust me. If you have sworn off meat, but not computers, you will want to go to this web page.

Once again, I'm still looking for bands to submit their URLs for me to review. I will review one or two band web sites an issue, but I will ONLY review those submitted to me (this doesn't apply to any other stuff, only band specific web pages), so send them in.

That it. E-mail me at, write me at PO Box 752; Boise ID 83701, or check out these columns at . See you next month.

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