Netpunk September 1999

I was trying to think of a theme for this monthís column, as I think it makes it more interesting for you, and it makes it a bit easier for me to organize my thoughts and find stuff to write about. A lot of you send me some great web sites every month, but just rattling them off without some sort of theme makes this nothing more than a review column, which is something that I donít want it to be.

In my surfing this month, I ran across several web rings devoted to web sites run by grrrls, womyn, etc. For those of you that donít know, a web ring is basically a group of websites that have agreed to link up with other sites. There is usually a central site that manages the list, and you can visit each site on the list in turn by clicking on the webring link at the bottom of a webpage. It is a great way to get more visitors to your site that otherwise wouldnít find out about it.

So, this month, Iím going to focus on websites that are maintained and designed by women. I normally donít know and donít care about the gender of the site owner, but only whether the site is interesting. (On a side note, according to recent statistics, 43 percent of all net users worldwide are women). Anyway, on with the show.

First weíll start with a few of the home pages for the webrings, and then weíll move on to the more outstanding pages I found while browsing said rings, so that you can skip the rings themselves and get right to the good stuff.

The Hardcore Girls webring ( has about 60 sites devoted to sites done by girls into hardcore, straightedge, vegan, etc. The main host for this webring is X Sisterhood X at . This site is for straightedge hardcore girls, which features art, poetry and writing, as well as a "members list" by state of girls into straightedge.

The DIY Girls ring ( has 80 or so sites. A criterion for the sites on the ring is that they have a serious feminist and/or revolutionary viewpoint.

The Girls Who Rock ring ( has 28 sites, and itís about girls in music. Some of the sites are fan sites about major label artists, and some are band pages done by women who play in said bands.

Girls are Go ( is a ring of girls who are into or involved with the "mod, skinhead, punk, rockabilly/psychobilly" scene. The 81 sites on this ring all have a music focus.

The X-Womyn Collective Webring ( has 70 sites, and exists "Because we believe punk rock isnít just for your boyfriend anymore". The sites on this are all punk and are all done by females or are female-friendly.

By no means is this a complete list of feminist and grrrl webrings, but it is enough to keep you busy for the next month at the very least. Youíll discover a number of other rings from the pages you visit in these rings, because most websites belong to more than one ring. Now itís time for me to list some of the cool pages I found while browsing through these (and other) grrrl webrings.

Revolution Whores is, in their own words, "an organization, branched of the original ethics of riot grrrl, for grrrls and bois who want change in the fucked up standards and prejudices of society". This site mostly consists of articles (mostly) by grrrls for grrrls, though there is also a chatroom and bulletin board. The main feature of this site is the articles, however. Visit Revolution Whores at . ( hosts a number of sites, mostly done by teenage grrrls. There are sites here on everything from goth to pets to dating, but all are presented with somewhat of an "alternative" point of view. Many of the sites here are worth a visit, so youíll probably find something to your liking.

The X-Womyn Collective homepage (hosts of the ring listed above) at has a discussion list, a message board, an e-zine, a music section, guides for html design and DIY resources and more. This is an extensive site with a ton of info.

Bad Grrrl ( has, along with the standard rants, etc, a very cool section where you can send your friends an e-mail postcard with a variety of different Riot Grrrl style sayings on them. Send one to your favorite Riot Grrrl or Boi today.

MI Reekchords has the same sort of postcard section, but they are more oriented towards general punk rock stuff, rather than Grrrl stuff. Reekchords also has a DIY guide, a section on body modification, and a couple of hosted sites. I really dig this site, and you will to. Check it at .

Misty Moís Punk Arse Page ( has a lot going for it as well. A bunch of punk rock jokes, some of which Iíd never heard, various writings and rants, scans of recent comic strips that have mentioned punk rock, and more. This is a lot of fun.

Finally for this month, bringing you "literary feminist propaganda" we have Estrogenic Esotericalities. This site has short stories, poems, and essays, all with a feminist point of view. For those of you with some writing talent, they also accept submissions. Visit the site at .

Okay, so thatís it. I hope there is something here that some of you find interesting or enlightening. As always, you can e-mail me at, or send me snail mail at PO Box 8059; Santa Cruz CA 95061. And, remember to visit the netpunk site: . See ya.